How to Explain Mommy’s Sick

I have 6 & 8 year old boys. I have tried so many times to explain to them” How I Feel”. So I made up a game with flash cards stating my body aches and pains. I have them as followed: Tingling, Stabbing, Numb, Burning, Sore, Beating, Throbbing, Fatigue.

Then I can pull a card and explain with the computer we Google each one and then read the explanation. And then I can tell them how Imageit makes me feel. I know this may seem silly but, they have gotten older and needed more info other then me saying Mommy is sick. I felt like a bad mom for so long and I think now that I came up with this they feel apart of my treatment and well being. I have seen them change before my eyes where they would once whine and complain; they now offer to help me and do things for me to help lighten my burden of household duties. I am not saying this will work for everyone. This just worked well with my boys and has made it a little easier explaining my down days. I work very hard to keep a happy face with them and try not to allow Fibro to take away from my children any more then it has already.

Keeping Positive Makes it Better!!! Hugs  



  1. I know how you feel. Even though my daughter is 18 I always hated to be in bed for the night when she came home from school, the household that I should be running having to function without me. I hated those days when I could not make dinner for them or help her study or whatever she needed. It made me feel so isolated and useless. I pray that you will continue to bridge that gap with your sons and that they will be more and more understanding and compassionate, not just with you but with everyone they might meet, because of the burden you bear. We cannot do it alone. Its just too much sometimes.

  2. I have been fighting fibro for over 10 years now my boys are 18,16, 14,and 6. My girls are 12, and 7 now I have been blessed my children are very helpful when I am sick. All of them pick up chores around the house and they try to take care of mom and each other. When I was first diagnosed it was hard my oldest 4 were still young and they didn’t understand, but I have been truthful all the way with them about the disease and the way I feel. They have been through a lot with me and they understand now. The 2 youngest children still get upset sometimes with me until the older ones tell them Momma is sick today and usually they will ask can I do what you need momma to do for you.

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