Gidday from New Zealand!

My name is Linley Duncan and I’m proud to be one of the new authors here 🙂

I find it hard to introduce myself in a professional way so I asked my friends and family to help me with this task – and this is what they came up with, bless them!

“Linley Duncan is a passionate advocate for self healing. A survivor from fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, over the last twenty years, she has learned the hard way about the value of addressing emotions and trauma to claw her way back to health.

Faced with “only half a life”, with limited mobility and having lost the use of her left hand, the only respite from pain seemed to come from hard prescription drugs, with a bleak future.

Help came to Linley from many paths as she started to research alternative healing methods. But each seemed too extreme and she formulated her own method of combining elements from many therapies into a “happy medium” that felt right for herself.

Linley is a motivating and connective speaker who is able to empathise with groups and the individuals amongst them with amazing clarity. She is a healer, who is able to gently lead people to their own health solutions and conclusions.

She realizes that each person’s situation is unique and the secret from her success comes from the attitude and optimism that she nourishes within each person to seek their own remedies.

Recognising the enormous part that humour plays in our personal health puzzle, Linley injects much silliness and jokes into every part of her life. This includes her books, weekly newsletters and speaking. Her enthusiasm and energy is inspirational – she has helped many people to turn their lives around and become happy and healthy. Enchantment with life for her, is more than just desirable, it is a necessity.

Linley is a wife, mother, author, orchardist and a sewing & craft enthusiast. As a child, she enjoyed dancing in several forms, mainly highland and ballroom dancing. A growth problem with her feet (which was the site of arthritis in later years) stopped her from dancing and participating in sports. She turned to kayaking, as it didn’t require standing and came to love white water adventures. As a teenager she was one of New Zealand’s first female kayakers, competing at national level in slalom, white water racing and dabbling in flat water racing. Tendon strain and a cyst on her wrist later also became an issue with arthritis. Linley rediscovered dancing in her thirties, delighting in belly dancing and going on to teach and form the group “Arabian Spice”. Illness forced her retirement from dancing, when she resolved to challenge her health issues and change her life. She turned to researching and writing.

Linley lives happily in defiance of illness with her family on a kiwifruit orchard near Tauranga, New Zealand , living the life she loves and doing the things she enjoys and believes are important.”

I invite you to visit my website where I have more articles on mostly health related topics and information about my books “Living Happily in Defiance of Illness” and “The Crystal Diary”.

I look forward to bring you more fibromyalgia fighting articles in the near future. Image


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