I Love the Fall, but it Doesn’t Love Me Back!

I love this time of year, the cooler temps, the colorful leaves, but the cold leaves me, well, cold.  With the colder temperatures we fibromites have to deal with increased pain.  Should you search on this subject of fibro and the fall/winter you will find dozens of sites with patient anecdotes, doctor’s remarks on this fibro menace and suggestions on how to treat and beat the effects of the colder weather.

On http://www.fibromyalgia-symptoms.org/affects-cold-weather-on-fibromyalgia.html, Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, medical director of Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Centers, a nationwide group of clinics, says, “A cold breeze blowing across an already-energy-deficient muscle will throw it into shortening, and shortened muscles are the primary and key cause of pain.”

Some coping strategies recommended on this site include:  warm baths, loose layered clothing, dressing appropriately when going outside, and wool clothing and bedding.  Dr. Teitelbaum says in this article, “Interestingly, wearing wool long underwear and T-shirts, wearing wool pajamas, and having wool sheets and pillowcases can be as effective as pain medications for decreasing fibromyalgia pain but without the side effects.”

Post your comments on how you stay warm when the weather is at its worst.  As for me, I try to always wear gloves when it’s cold and warm up my car before I leave the house.  If my hands get cold they are very painful and take FOREVER to warm up and, although my car warms up quickly, once I get chilled it takes quite awhile to get warmed back up.

Another phenomenon that I have noticed is sometimes in the evenings my body will get so cold it feels like my bones are made of ice.  This doesn’t have to do with the air temperature, because it is not cold in the house when this happens, but with my internal thermostat.  when this happens I will have to take to the bed and cover myself with three or four blankets.  Eventually, sometime during the night, I will wake up sweating and be able to shed the extra blankets.  I found something quite interesting when I googled low body temp and fibromyalgia!  Since it looks to be too lengthy to go into in this post I will leave that for my next.

Take care and stay warm!


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