Physcians N Patients Feelings Towards Fibromyalgia

Okay so I have heard a lot of Fibro patients that have been dealing with certain physicians that look at us like were crazy. I myself have dealt with those type of physicians . They are of course the ones that feel Fibromyalgia is all in our head , just because they can not find it physically . These physicians of course don’t look into a lot of the material like we do after were told this is what we have. The more an more research being done is starting to spot a lot of medical similarities in Fibro patients. What physicians are failing to realize is with more an more testing that should be done is like them doing an MRI scan to find that Fibromyalgia patients are showing they have a low blood flow in the Central nervous system . It is there an one day we are hoping for a cure.

Physicians an patients are not suppose to battle one another, but what is happening is Fibro patients are doing more an more research an finding different things like alternative therapies, or other test that need to be ran or they wanna try a different type of medication. We drive ourselves crazy with all the reading an the type of view we get from family an friends that we are looking for answers. With doing all of this though it is helping us with the acceptance of not having a cure right now, an the understanding of a new way we have to live our life.Then physicians feel that your crazy an every test shows there is nothing wrong with us, but in all actually reality it’s in the medical history we have they just can’t locate it yet. When you try to speak your mind or tell them anything they feel you have just criticized there intelligence, but were not were just looking at you for answers even though nobody has them.

Us as patients then get frustrated an start stressing ourselves out an feel so lost because nobody has the answers. Then the physicians assume because now were stressing that it becomes a mental issue in there eyes. Honestly physicians and patients need to try an be more understanding with one another. With the more technology being produced I feel that they will be able to understand an try a find a cure. It is wishful thinking I know , but it’s the hope that we keep having as patients. You know the mind is a very powerful part of body, but when the nerves are attached that powerful part then affects the patient physically an mentally.

Physicians need to understand just because they can’t see it in a blood test or have actual proof yet doesn’t mean push your patient away with another prescription. We don’t come to you or pay to come see you for all kinds of pills to swallow. We come to you for hope an guidance oh helping us understand what our bodies are going through. Then it comes down to physicians say they like a informative patient,but when we are more informed an up to date on our illness. Then we get attitude from the physicians an don’t feel like we have been heard then it become another wasted appointment.

That is when we need to remember fibro patients are physicians can not read our thoughts or know our pain if we don’t tell them even though they wanna argue with us then we don’t get our point across it is unfortunately up to us to figure things out. That is when you have to take a chance an look for the right physician that wants to listen to everything you have to say to better yourself. So no matter what stand up for yourself an tell them how you feel, because in the end it only takes one voice to be heard an change anything .

By: Melody Whittinghill



  1. I have had Fibromyalgia for 16 years now. In my case, I was lucky enough to get diagnosed in 3 years. I have a very good physician. However, as you know all physicians have other physicians in a practice that cover for them. In my case, the one physician, who covered for my doctor (after 12 years of seeing him) refused to give me my meds, and also told me there was nothing wrong with me. Why? He did not believe in Fibromyalgia at all. This is a doctor, who has been in his field for 26 years. In my view, someone who is in a Rheumatology field, has no business being there treating a patient with this condition, if they do not believe in the condition in the first place. When I left, I reported him to the administration of the hospital where the clinic I attended was located. I also called my physician and told him I could never come back there again. I went to another facility until I turned 65 and could go to my physician’s private office under Medicare. The problem is many doctors do not believe in Fibromyalgia. I am blessed that I have one who does and gives me my meds. That day, I called him and he rectified the situation by ordering my meds for me. But when someone refuses to give you your needed medications and tries to tell you, you are crazy just because they do not believe in an illness, it is time for them to reread their hypocratic oath. The oath states…First do no harm.

  2. I really like your Blog an you are so right it’ so much trial n error an finding the right doctor. Thats one thing that Chronic pain people should push for, Don’t ever take no for an answer or be pushed away with another pill that can make you worse then you were before…Never back down is what I keep telling myself.

    1. Thank you so much. I love FibroFighterz and am so glad I found you guys. Everyone is so supportive on all your sites. It’s great to have a community where everyone knows exactly what you’re going through and wants to support you in your battle. One thing I have found helpful is I typed up my own medical history hitting all the key points I felt led to me developing fibro. I take this with me and give it and a list of all my current medications to any new doctor I see. This usually leads to the doctor asking me some insightful questions about my history and cuts through some of the usual first appointment routines.

      The worst experience I ever had with a doctor was at the pain management clinic my GP sent me to. As soon as you walked in there, you were treated like a drug addict. all the nurses were rude and acted like you were just there to scam the doctors out of prescriptions. I was at my worst then and really wanting to take a short term disability leave from work. I asked the PA that was sent in to meet me (you didn’t get to see the doctor after that first appointment unless you really made a scene and demanded to see the doctor, which I had done before). The PA told me that I didn’t qualify for a short term medical leave under under federal law. Yeah right. I told him I had read the law (always do your research!) and that I did. We argued about this for a bit. Then he told me that my level of pain (he said it in such a way that I knew he didn’t believe I was in much pain at all) didn’t warrant a short term disability leave from work. I was in tears at this point and argued with him some more. He left to talk with my doctor, only to come back and say that they’d decided that I didn’t qualify for such a leave, but since “I’d worked myself up into such a state” over this, that he would sign the paperwork. I told him not to bother. I got the med prescriptions I needed (he forgot one and I had to wait for his nurse to track him down. She couldn’t and got an NP to write it for me). I left in tears and never went back. That same day I saw my rheumatologist for the first time. He GOT IT. He knew what I was feeling and he wanted to help me. He was the first one to diagnose me with fibromyalgia and said I’d had it for years from my medical history. I’m so glad I found him and I’m so glad I never went back to that pain clinic!

  3. Barbie46: I am very sorry that happened to you, but there are still those doctors who just don’t understand no matter how much you explain it to them. I know the feeling I have been in that room an argued with my Physician over an over again. It did no good though because they do hold the upper hand. When I found another DR. though it showed them that I was determined, because they have your medical records an have to request them before you see another physician. I hope that doesn’t happen to you again luv an I hope you hold on to the DR. you have Gentle hugs ❤

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